In London there are at least a couple of million people working in the office, among them a handful sitting at the desk properly...

The posture related conditions of the office workers.

Working in an office can be demanding. Not only at a mental level but also physically.

The number of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) has been growing exponentially in the last decade or so, because nowadays we type far too much on our computers, iPads, mobiles etc. The real problem is that we do it in a very tense and mechanical way that is often harmful to our joints.

Sometimes people don’t even realize that stomach discomfort and legs pain could be due to hours and hours of bad posture.

People with pain all over their arms, hands and back are more and more common. Shiatsu can be very beneficial for these type of conditions. I have worked with many office workers and working on specific pressure points and energy zone has been very beneficial.